Welcome!! Let us begin a journey that will lead through the deepest of valleys to the highest of mountains. During this journey, not only will you be able to connect to the characters, but also to your inner self, through the trials and tribulations, the character will face. Let us explore this new beginning together.

This site is for the Dungeons and Dragons campaign’s information, I am currently running.


What’s New?

Hello everyone, I am going to attempt to post journal entries from characters, about three to five in quantity on Tuesdays (US Central) and on Thursdays (US Central), I am going to post an Ineffable Moment. The day of the session, I will also release additional information concerning characters or events.



I am Panaklo Haklo, I am an inexperienced writer, with the intent of developing my craft. This blog will be primarily used for writing exercises, and to get myself to a level where I feel comfortable enough to begin my first manuscript, as well as a board to collect my ideas. A little about myself, I am a native to the United States, and I am also currently enrolled at a university. Fantasy has always been an escape for me, ever since I picked up Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. From there my love has blossomed into what it has become today, but it was not until I started my first Dungeons and Dragons game did I realize, I enjoy writing.


If you have any question or concerns feel free to send me a message.