Kremisus Ploro

I am Kremisus Ploro, I was born to my mother and father sometime in Hearthfire, Divine Age 104. I never truly knew my mother, my father said she left us to go run away with some noble. He and I worked on our farm, for several years, before my father met Tutela, whom would become my step-mother. I was fourteen at the time, and honestly, I did not know how she would treat me, I do know is that she and dad were definitely in love, because he was an elf, and she was a human. Even though she was a human, she is possibly one of the nicest people I have ever met; even though she didn’t have any children she of her own, she took me in as if I was one. I came to know her as my true mother. Eventually, our family grew and before I knew it I had several younger brothers and sisters With all those extra mouths to feed it was harder on us, my dad and I would hunt almost every day to get everyone fed. I know we are not supposed to hunt without a license from the Empire, but we had to feed our family, and the license was far too expensive, I think it was more than we made from selling our crops after harvest. So dad and I when we were not tending the fields, we would go hunting, mother did not like us going, she said it was far too dangerous, and I wished we would have listened to her. Earlier, that spring some traders came by the farm looking for help, their wagon busted a wheel and needed help repairing it. My dad always tried to help anyone in need and so he did, and in return for his help, the merchant gave him one of the many rifles. Once we had planted all the seeds for the year, my dad and I were going to go hunting for some fresh meat. Neither of us knew how to work the rifle, in all honesty, but we were both clever and thought we could figure it out. My dad and I climbed into our usual spots up in the trees and waited. Several hours went by when eventually a stag came into the clearing, I thought about taking the shot with my crossbow, but I wanted to see the rifle, so I signaled my dad to take it… I… I should have taken the shot… I waited for the shot, but what I heard was a small explosion, as I saw my father and shrapnel falling from the tree. I jump down from my spot to reach father, in hindsight that was a bad idea, due to I sprained my ankle in the process of jumping. My dad looked really bad there was a lot of blood, I tried bandaging him the best I could, but he just kept bleeding… there was so much blood. It took me three days to get us home, but he was already gone… When I got to the tree line I collapsed, and when I woke up, I was in the house, my mom, and siblings around me. My mom tried to reassure me, but I know that I was the reason, my father died if I would have taken that shot… he would still be here.


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