Odin Dark Parish

I was born on the 1st of Frost Fall, Divine Age 108, to Sebastian and Isabella Parish, we live in the Imperial Crimean Colonies, in the New World. Per Eladrin tradition, I was sent away at the age of five, to begin my schooling in the fatherland, Fenris. It was about half way through my primary schooling, when I manifested arcane abilities. Initially, I thought it was a blessing from the gods. I soon found out, how much of a curse it could be. I have kept away from all of my friends, classmates, and teachers; I was kept in an isolated cell. I had never felt so alone, in my life, I was not permitted to have any visitors, and those who brought my food was not allowed to speak to me. This persisted for at least a month of longer, afterward, two men came, and took me away. I do not know if my parents knew of how I was treated during that time. These men took me south, into Bengion. I do not remember much about the journey, to Principium. What memories I do have are blurred, I now think I was drugged throughout the journey. We arrived in the Bengion city, Principium, some two weeks later. The city had once been a site of a great battle between the Alliance and Daien empire, during the War of Darkness; it was to be abandoned when the Emperor Harkon chose to use it as a city-prison, for his subjects that had the unfortunate blessing of arcane abilities.

It took me several weeks to adjust to my new situation. It was about my fifth week, when I was put into a class, consisting of Eladrins and Humans my age. The instructor was a stern, harsh, and elderly human male. It was the fourth day after I had started to attend classes. We were dismissed for lunch, and I was sitting alone, at a table, near one of the corners of the hall. When a male human with a metallic grey-blue hair and fair skin comes and sits at the table. He introduced himself as Inigo Indicum Caelum, and we talked all of lunch, and little did I know then, that I had met my best friend. When I was cleared to live in the dormitories, we were allowed to share the same room, his suite had an empty bunk, for his roommate had died in a due to illness, that had swept through the city. He was one of my only friends for a long time, and truly he was the only one that I needed. We entered secondary school during the same year, and he convinced me to join him, in enrolling in a swordsmanship class. Initially, I had some reservation about the class, however, I greatly enjoyed it. Inigo and I would continue the class eventually become to two finest duelist the school had ever produced.

Life in the academy wasn’t bad, I guess. I mean we were treated like any other person, we just couldn’t leave the city and our headmaster frowned at us to leaving the campus, save for the days we did not have class. I shared a modest room with Inigo, Brady, and Gerome, there was enough room for four beds, four trunks, and a little space in between. Initially, I had a top bunk, but my friends and I found out then whenever I sleep, my body has a tendency to get up and walks on its own. Hearing a loud thud, every night isn’t a good thing, I guess. Inigo and I tried to go out on the week’s end to go and talk to the girls in the taverns, to no avail, eventually, we both earned the title of Eternal Chastised. The classes at the Academy was rigorous and required long hours of studying. We both graduated with top honors, after several days upon graduating, an envoy from the capital came, and gave us an offer. We could leave the city of Principium, upon one condition; we would have to join the Bengion Imperial Army. Giving no other alternative, I signed almost immediately, Inigo would as well, we both said our goodbyes to our friends, and soon departed. Bootcamp was a breeze, compared to what our master made us do for our sword training, within six months we would be made lieutenants.

We were deployed into the colonies, and I reached out to my father. I told him I was coming home, and that I graduated from the academy. I was on a patrol heading to some small village when our we were attacked. My patrol fought back, but I must have gotten hit in the head because I don’t remember anything. When I woke up, I woke up in a strange room, and I didn’t have any of my gear, just my smallclothes. I was bandaged from my waist up, as well as my left leg, and my right leg was in a sling. I also had a hard time walking; there was a silk robe, lying on the end of the huge bed. I slipped the robe on, as best I could, and limped down the hallway. In the parlor, of the house, I was greeted by an elderly male eladrin, and he had a servant begin to prepare my food as he poured me some tea. We talked for some time, he was always asking about my childhood, which honestly was rather weird. I didn’t realize it until he told me that his name was Sebastian, he was my dad! I couldn’t believe it. I asked how did I get here. He told me of how he found me, on the side of the road, half-buried in the snow. He didn’t even know it was me till, we got home and he removed my armor, and saw my birthmark on my arm. I asked where mom was, and then he told me… that she would have nothing to do with me. My dad hugged me and said that it didn’t matter, that he would be here for me, no matter what. Once my wounds are healed, he will introduce me to some of Ophelia’s friends.





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