Scorpious Hyperion Van Strauss

I am Scorpious Hyperion Van Strauss, my brother and I was born on the 15th of Sun’s Dawn, Divine Age 105. I originally do not hail from the colonies, my family and I are from Fenris, the country north of Bengion. We have a large villa, in the countryside, however, we usually did not reside in the villa, father taught at the Royal Academy of the Eldritch Arts. However, everything changed when the Bengionian Inquisitors arrived. I was too young to fully comprehend what happened, all that I know is that we had to leave the Fenris. The three of us had a voyage booked, on a galleon, to the new world. Our first night there, Sep and I was distraught over the recent events, are father held us tightly in his arms and told us we would be alright. After about three months at sea reached the port of New Melior, the capital of the colonies. This is where we would call home, until our plantation house would be built, in some sleepy village many miles away.

Both of my parents served the gods in the War of Darkness, my father was their general, and my other was his aide. They both participated in all of the major battles of the war between Rausten and Daien, but most importantly they were there when the ones imprisoned the Lord of Fear, in his rocky prison. I believe before the war, both of my parents were commoners, my mother the daughter of a farmer from Rausten, and my father was supposed to become a smith in Fenris. I never knew my mother, for years she and father tried to have children, but to no avail. Then she had Sepavarius and I, mom did not survive our birth… Father told us when we were old enough to understand. I… I wish I could have met her, Father said we look just like her, and that Sep and I have different traits of her; Sep is bold and adventurous, and I am cunning and wise, and we both have her sense of morality. After the death of our Mother, all that was left was Father, Sep, and I. Father has always been distant, but I think it was because of mom and the war. He always been caring and always tried to give us whatever we desired. Then lastly there is my twin brother, and best friend, Sepavarius. I do not believe I can name a time when we have not been at the others side. Even though we are twins, physically I am the smaller of us two, also I look very pale and sickly.

None of the apothecaries could explain this to my father and I, they said it would pass eventually, I might just need to grow out of it. I am hoping there are right. I can do everything my brother can, I just cannot run as far or lift as heavy of objects, which as of right now I am content with. I personally think it is because I am different… To clarify, how I channel magic is different, I am not bound to using motions, components, or vocalization, I can control my abilities through thought and concentration. It is both a blessing and curse. The slightest emotional outburst can cause me to lose control of my powers, fortunately, Father has helped me control my powers, he has taught me techniques he has learned to control his powers.



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