Innder Abjicio-Blackwater

I am Innder Abjicio-Blackwater, I was born, on the 22nd of Last Seed, Divine Age 109. Kia said, that mother died when I was really young, I really do not remember my mother. It has always been Kia and our father. Kia said that Father got really sad, after mother died, and he did things that he did not mean, and that he loved us. I do not necessary remember what happened, but Kia said that it is for the best. I kind of want to remember what happened, but it sounds pretty bad. I remember living in a small one-bed room, in the tavern. Father slept on the bed, but he gave Kia and I the blanket and pillows. One day, father got into an argument with the man behind the bar, father never let us talk to him, we were sent to the room, and father told us, he would come and get us when it was over. I do not know, why father never came and got us, did we do something wrong?  Did I make father mad? We spent some time in the orphanage, but we ran away, we ended up living, in the alleyway, behind the marketplace, father took us to get food. I do not how Kia did it, but somehow most days of the week, we had food. He got really angry at me, when he found out I was giving some of my food to my pet rat, Nobu, he lived with us. I’m so glad he let me keep Nobu!

We usually slept, under this collapsed roofing. There was enough space, for four or five more people, we slept there through most of the year. It was our second year, living in our home, it was really cold, and it was like the third or fourth day snowing. It was midday, and Kia still did not wake up, it was really unusual for him not to be up, I crawled over to him, and felt his forehead, and he was really cold… I put my ear on his chest, and he was barely breathing. I didn’t know what to do. So I tried shaking him, but he would wake up, no matter how hard I tried to wake him, he wouldn’t wake up. I tried warming him up, so I covered him in my bedding and hugged him for like an hour or two, even Nobu helped. I was so scared Kia was not going to wake up, I did not want to be alone. Thankfully, he eventually woke up, I was so happy when he did, he was really confused. I was so glad he woke up.  I do not know, what I would have done without Kia.

The following is from Innder’s journal, after spending a few days with the Players.

I am really glad Halros and the others took Kia and me in. I think Halros and Xenareous, is just messing with Kia and I, I think they are really brothers. It is great that they are taking us along, where ever we are going, they even gave me armor and a sword! I hope I learn how to use this, I’ll be the best swordsman ever. Kia said, we will have to wait till Halros goes to bed, to learn how to fight, he said that Odin will help us. Odin is really funny, especially how he dresses, he reminds me, of those people who travel around in those bright clothing. He is really nice, he has been trying to help Kia and I fit in, I think the three of us are going to be fast friends. Oh no! I left Nobu back in the alleyway! I hope he will be there when we get back.


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