Kia Abjicio-Blackwater

I am Kia Abjicio-Blackwater, and I was born in Rain’s Hand on the 17th, Divine Age 110, I think. My mother died when I was in my eighth year. Father said, she died from Bloody Cough,  he said that is when you cough too much, you can cough all your blood up. We use to live in a home, out by the marketplace, mom and father had a shop, that they use to run, but after mom died, father stayed home a lot, just sitting in front of the fireplace, drinking ale. When he was drunk, he would yell at and beat on us, for no reason, then afterwards, he would be crying and apologized, saying he swear he would never do it again. He never kept his promise. I am really glad Innder does not remember a lot of what happened. Eventually, father said we had to move out, that we do not have our home anymore, but he said we would have a new one soon, but meanwhile we would stay at the tavern. He and a lady at the tavern were good friends, he said, and she would help us while we did not have a home. I think we stayed, at the bar for about a year. Then one night, there was a lot of yelling in the bar, dad told us to go up to our room, he would come and get us when later, he promised… but he… he never came back. The lady that talked to father a lot, let us stay in our room for a while. But her husband made us leave when he found out we were still living there.

Innder and I would end up living in the alleyway, behind the marketplace. I tried to find work, but no one wants a street-rat as an apprentice, they are too scared that I would try to steal from them. I don’t know why, at the time I did have a little gold, and I tried to save as much of it, as I could. We eventually ran out of gold…  I did not want to steal from the merchants and people in the marketplace, but I did not have another choice. I tried not to steal more than I needed to feed the both of us, honest. The only time I would steal more, is when winter comes, and we need a warm place to stay. Even then I did not want to, Innder made me swear we would stay in an inn, when it snowed, especially when he couldn’t wake me up last time. I really just want to keep my little brother safe.

This is an excerpt from Kia’s journal, after spending a few days with the Players. 

Honestly, I do not know what to think of Halros, Xenareous, Odin, and Krem. They seem like caring people, well… maybe not Krem, he seems really cold. I do not necessary understand Halros’ and Xenareous’ relationship, but I am glad they took Innder and I in. I wonder why they are both missing a finger. Maybe they lost a bet? Odin is really funny, He has been really trying to help us and just being a good friend. I wonder why they had Innder and I outfitted in armor and gave us swords, I hope I will never have to use it, though. Actually, I hope I do not cut myself with it, Odin said, whenever Halros goes to sleep when we are at camp, he teach Innder and me how to use them properly.


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