Kia’s & Innder’s First Night

“Goodnight everyone,” Krem says, as he grabs his crossbow and sits down by the fire. A symphony of goodnights would echo throughout the campsite. Several hours go by, unable to sleep Innder turns over and faces his brother.

“Kia, are you asleep?” He whispers.

“No… I’m going over to what led us here. Why what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just can’t sleep, Kia?”

“Yeah?” Kia replied, as he rolls over from facing the road, and to his younger brother.

“What do you think of them? Halros and the others.” Kia says as he fidgets under his blanket.

“Well… I think they are good people, they didn’t turn us into the constable or soldiers, nor did they kill us, when they caught us with Halros’ gold.”

Innder lays there and looks up at the star filled sky.

“Yeah, your right, they even fed us a meal that wasn’t stale bread. That soup was  amazing, what did he say the meat was, Kia?”

Kia fluffs his pillow, and lift his torso up, and supports himself with an elbow, still looking at his brother.

“I think Odin said it was a bear, Xenareous killed it as we were setting up camp. It’s a good thing too, otherwise, it would have come and eat you up, Innder.”

“Kia don’t say that!” Innder said as he shot his older brother a ruffled look.

Kia with a smirk on his face. “Calm down Innder, I wouldn’t let anything hurt you, would I?”

“No, I guess not, is Odin really going to teach us how to fight with swords, Kia?”

Kia now lying back down on his back. “Yeah, he said on the nights that Halros has first watch, he’ll teach us techniques, he mentioned something about Halros not wanting us to use our swords. Why do you not want to, Innder?”

“No, I want to, I want to be the best sword fighter ever!” Innder said, throwing his arms into the air. “Do you think that Halros, Odin, Xenareous, and Krem are related?”

“I don’t think so, Odin is an Eladrin, and the others are Elves, I think. I’m not sure how to explain this, but-“

“But what Kia?”

“I don’t think Xenareous and Halros are brothers, Innder.”

Innder’s gives his brother a confused look, “What do you mean then, Kia?”

“Well, you know how mom and dad loved each other?”


“Well, its kinda the same thing.” Kia says, as he looks down at his feet.

Innder lays one hand on his stomach. “Oh.”

Kia and Innder watches in silence, as Krem gets up from the log near the fireplace, and wakes up Odin, for he can go to sleep. About half a mark pasts, then Odin carefully walks over to the two.

“Come on, I think we could get a few of the basics in before I need to wake up Halros.”


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