Halros’ Journal: 28 Sun’s Dawn, DA 125

I am glad we took in Kai and Innder. They are both very intelligent and kind. It will make staying in our house a bit more crowded as we add more bodies, but that is a challenge for the future to take care of. Right now, the challenge is to make our way to the city in order to take care of some business.

Xen cares about the kids, too, even if he won’t openly admit it in the moment. He likely would have dragged them elsewhere if he didn’t care about them. And perhaps having someone even closer to his age will help Odin in some way.

I feel some guilt that our little corner of the world crumbled in ways. My father wanted what was best, I simply did not see eye to eye with him as before. And for Odin to lose all of his family, not even knowing until he was home… Not to mention Krem’s situation.

Alas, my watch is nearly over for the first night. Thankfully, Kai and Innder are sleeping well as they can. I vow silently to do my best to keep these kids from any more harm. If that means teaching them to defend themselves, so be it. I am off to wake Xen for his watch.

Authored by Max Corbin, party’s Ardent


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