Harlos’ Journal: 14 Rain’s Hand, DA 125

I took first watch tonight, though the others seem a bit restless as well. We are close to our destination, planning to arrive early tomorrow. We have very little if any sort of plan, merely to find where we are to be.

We’ve gotten closer to Kai and Innder. I find myself staying closer to the younger of the two for some unknown reason-maybe I feel more of a connection to him.

They seem stronger every day. Braver, too. Krem acts more distant and cold, but I understand why. I hope it can change into productive energy and doesn’t end with disastrous results to himself.

They’ve all finally settled in, I’m going to take a quick look around and ensure the parameter of our camp is secure before I choose where to watch from.

Authored by Max Corbin, party’s Ardent


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