Scorpious: Sun’s Dawn, DA 119 – Frost Fall, DA 124

General Cassian seems like a fine fellow, he welcomed me like a son, I am surprised, especially since he is a human general. Once I complete basic training, I would be promoted to an officer, and be his personal aide. This reward will make the next year much more bearable, the General Cassian said he is going make me the finest officer, he has ever had. I honestly do not know what to think of that.

Woah… I am exhausted, it seemed like we had to run forever, my legs have never ached so much. I literally cannot feel my legs. My arms feel as if they are on fire, it is rather funny, right now I cannot lift my arms above my shoulders.  I really hope training is not always like this, I do not think I will be able to make it, if so. Gods, did I make a mistake, doing this? Hopefully, I will be able to get used to all this running. I’m starting to miss my own bed. The general stopped me as I was heading to the bathhouse and told me to meet him, in his office, before the fifth mark in the morning, I wonder what he was wanting.

I… I really do not feel well, the general met me right on the fifth mark, and he gave me some kind of foul smelling draught, and he ordered me to stay until I had emptied the philter. My legs felt weak, and what I saw began to blur together, it was a horrible experience, I soon collapsed afterward. When I awoke, I was in the infirmary, the nurse tending to me, said I was out for five days. The nurses told me I would be sore for several days, I didn’t know what she meant, until the elixirs I was given worn off. Every fiber of my being cried out in pain, they eventually had to bind me to the bed, to prevent me from hurting myself. General Cassian came to visit me, close to the eighth mark, he apologized for the discomfort, he then asked the nurses to leave the room and to the close the door. He told me that he knew of how I was different from other spellcasters, he told me that he had suspected that I was a psionic caster. He told me that I wasn’t the only one, however, there are very few of us, he told me that I am abnormally powerful, and there would be a way to awaken, even more, I, however, would need to get me physically ready for the ritual, for I could survive it. The draught he made me drink would help me in developing physically and making me more robust. Fortunately, I’ll need to drink one of these draughts once a couple of months.

I know not what is in this draught, but it most powerful; these past few months have been far easier than expected. I am glad at that, the run from the outpost to here is like child’s play by now. I have put on a decent muscle mass, and I think I have gotten taller; I was shorter than General Cassian, but now I am almost two heads taller. I definitely have lost that sickly color. I am glad that boot camp is almost over, I believe there is only a week left.

Today was great, I finally graduated and finished boot camp. It was a small ceremony, but definitely well earned. I cannot wait for later tonight. The General is taking us all out for a celebration. I tried my first mead today at the party, I don’t have the stomach for it, I barely took a sip, before spitting it out. The guys laughed at me, it was funny, they promised that the ale, the General will have will be better. I hope so too.


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