Scorpious: 13 Rain’s Hand, DA 125

The General has tasked me with preparing a ball in his honor, for we have recaptured the professor. I understand orders are orders, but I disagree with why we must keep the professor here against his will. Preparing for this ball will be much more difficult, we will have to keep a tighter hold on our security. I believe it will be in best interest to have my aides hand deliver the invitations themselves. This way we are to ensure the invitations are given to the correct recipient.  Last week, I had foreseen a conflict arising, I believe that my nerves may have been getting the best of me, for after reading the reports on rebel movements there are no significant threats. I do hope this is just nerves I would hate to displease the new General. He is such a contrast to General Cassian, I do not believe I have met a colder man. From my initial observations in my few encounters with him, is that he is extremely xenophobic and I have heard rumors in the officer’s dining club I attend has me off put, I do hope serving under this man, does not put my life in danger.

I have heard the most awful of tales, of the unspeakable cruelties this man has inflicted on insurgents he has imprisoned if we do engage any rebels I may need to direct my troops to look the other way when the rebels are in a retreat. I hope this will not cost us more men, but the horrors I have heard coming from the dungeons, directed by this new General, this trade-off might be worth it. I do hope Sep has not been caught, especially if he is operating here in the south.

I see the chance of a peaceful resolution coming swiftly to an end, as more and more officers are choosing more brutal tactics, how I do wish this was not so. I do hope for some leave, I would very much like to travel home to Vanhalen, it has been far too long since I have got to seen Father or my friends. I have been meaning to write, but these reports have kept the vast majority of my focus and energy.


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