Henry Impero

I’m Henry, I should be about twenty-two to twenty-three years old. My mother never could remember exactly. We lived in Rhodos, a small secluded village just outside of the Athos mountain range. My mother and I are, I guess what you would consider to be a witch and warlock. My mother never told me how she learned what she did, but she taught me everything she knew. The villagers in Rhodos really like us, they would often bring us gold and food! Whenever Mother and I would go into town, they always bowed as we passed them! Mother said that the town’s people are grateful that she keeps the bandits away, she said, “the people loves ‘hexes’ alot!” I almost died laughing!

I do not know why, but one day. There was a large group of angry villagers outside of our house and there were strange men in crimson and gold armor outside too. Mom told me to go outside and get the horses, we were going to go for a ride, so I did. I sat there for a while, but mother never came. I went back to the house and the men in the plate armor and some man, in black and red armor plate, was in our parlor. Mother told me to go, that I was powerless, I was about to pipe in, when she gave me the look she does, right before she starts trying to hex me. She then told me to go and that she would catch up.

So I took my horse and left, I been on the road for about three weeks, I hope she is alright and that I will see her again. I can’t wait to show her all the new hexes I learned! She is going to be so proud!




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