Inigo Indicum Caelum

I am Inigo Indicum Caelum, I am in my sixteenth year, I am was originally a part of a troupe of performers, well… actually, my family owns the troupe and has for several generations. My grandparents are currently running it, while my mother has her own act in the main show. I do not know who my father is, and this is the only subject my mother is tight-lipped about, I did not want to push it. Hence, I took up after my mother as a dancer, not that kind of dancer, you adulters. I continued to travel with my mother and the troupe until we were attacked by bandits. We were a had a little bit more money than most troupes, so we were able to higher imperial soldiers to protect us, and that they did. The soldiers engaged the bandits, I grabbed a dagger and was going to help, when suddenly my mother grabbed me, and hid the both of us in the bed of the wagon, in what seemed like forever the fighting was finished. My mother grabbed a sword out of one of the boxes, and we slowly crept out of the wagon, we saw a good amount of both highwaymen and soldiers dead. As we crept around, two bandits saw us, I do not know what they were going to do; whatever their intent was, it left one of them dead on the ground, as my mother impaled the closest one. She was not quick enough, to get away from the second as he…. he… hit her with his axe, cackling as… she collapsed to the ground. What happened next was blurry, what I do know for certain is that my psionic affinity must have manifested at this time, due to the bandit was dead, and the soldiers in the area was afraid of me. After the troupe and soldiers made it to the next town, I was handed over to the local inquisitor and was spirited away to the city-prison, Principium. Principium would become my new home.

I entered the academy soon after arriving, and it was about six months would pass before I met Odin Dark. He was sitting alone at a table in the corner, and I do not know what drove me to speak to him, but something told me he needs some cheering up. We talked all lunch, and was even late to the next class, however, we soon became best friends. Once we entered the upper levels of the academy, I was finally able to convince him to come to a swordsmanship class with me. He must have really enjoyed it because he never missed another. He was eventually able to move into a dorm, with me and our other friends. It was good times, we both tied for graduated top of the class, and when the envoy came he wanted to join the army. Honestly, it seemed better to serve than to stay in Principium, until I died, so I agreed and signed up with him.

Our company was sent to the colonies to help with the quelling of riots and sources of insurgents. Our commanding officer said it was to be ended swiftly and harshly. I did not agree with him, but orders are orders. When Odin’s patrol disappeared, I feared the worse for my friend. A second patrol was sent to the area he was stationed, but there were only bodies recovered, I was relieved when he was not one of them. The company was then transferred to Fall’s Rest a southern city that was near territory constantly plagued by insurgents. After hearing stories of what older soldiers have done, honestly, I do not blame the people here for rebelling. Actions I have been forced to take makes me wonder if I am on the right side of this fight.


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