Innder: 02 Second Seed, DA 125

Last night we got in some decent trouble. Halros found us sword fighting when we were supposed to be sleeping. He seemed really mad, in fact, he was so mad that he woke up Xenareous. It was kinda funny, Xenareous agreed that we should be learning. I really hope Odin doesn’t get into much trouble for trying to teach us. He was just wanting to help.

We are currently on our way back home, and I’m glad it has been a long time since I have gotten to sleep in a real bed again. I mean the bed roll is great, but Xenareous and Halros have beds at home! Beds! I can’t wait to get to sleep in one!

I wonder how long we are going to be stopped here in Salus, I think is what Xenareous called the village. I really hope they have a wagon, I really don’t want to have to walk all the way back home, it was already a long ride to Fall’s Rest. I don’t even want to think of how long it would be to walk back to Rustine.


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