Kia: 28 Rain’s Hand, DA 125

I can’t believe Xenareous and Halros got me this awesome bow! We stopped in the first town we came to I thought we were just going to resupply and get Odin and Inigo new clothes, but later that day, Xenareous and Halros, took Odin and I shopping for our birthdays. I can’t believe that they got me a bow, it’s almost as tall as me! Xenareous has been trying to teach me, how to use it, but I am having a hard time using it. Hopefully, I will get better with it. Right now, I am a lot better with the better with the sword, but that is to be expected, I have almost six months training, and save for the first couple of months, I was beating Innder. Now I think that even Odin and Inigo has a hard time defending against Innder.

Something about this town gives me the creeps, it seems normal enough, but something is off. It is rather unsettling almost a cold-like feeling. I hope we leave soon. Odin and Inigo seem to dislike staying here, they wouldn’t go with the others into the barracks to talk to the commander, I do wonder why? Can they sense this too? I’ll be glad when we pack camp and leave.


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