Odin Dark: 23 Second Seed, DA 125

It was a stroke of luck that Inigo was in Fall’s Rest, and I am really glad my friend decided to join us. I think everyone likes him enough, him and Innder get along swell. The too are a little too similar. Though that will probably be a good thing. We also met a childhood friend of Halros and Xenareous, an elf name Koskin. He seems nice enough, and if Halros and Xenareous trust him so shall I. The trip back home has been rather uncomfortable, the officer’s uniform is not made for such sustained wear, gods, I would hate to fight in it. I think there is sore running outside of my thigh, I think I am going to need to wrap it in some cloth.

We have been in the village of Salus, for about three marks now. A strange occurrence happened outside of the city, several kids were being chased out by soldiers and the crowd kept cheering the dawn brigade. I do wonder what that is about. Earlier today Halros and Xenareous took Kia and I out shopping for our birthdays, I don’t even know how they knew mine. They said that we could pick out anything from the General Goods store, I didn’t know what to get, and honestly, I did not want anything. They both have already given me a home and family. I really could not ask for more, but they insisted. Harlos seemed displeased when I came back with only two blankets, but that is all I really wanted. Xenareous and Halros went to talk to the commander to ask about a job, I heard there is an inquisitor in the area, and I can already feel its cold presence. I don’t like it here, and I’ll be glad when we move along.


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