History of Vanhalen

Vanhalen was originally the settlement of the Van Halens, an eladrin family, trappers by trade they lived off the surrounding area’s bountiful resources. The village itself would grow from the Van Halen’s property and the property of the fur traders that took up nearby residence. The original town was lost to fire, early in the Mythic Age, the cause of the fire was unknown, the local historians believe it to be a rival group of traders. The settlement would then be deserted and would remain so for another 300 years. It was man, that came a built the village into what it was today, the name of the village, was derived from an inscription on a stone. Later it would be proved to be the actual founder’s grave. However, it was the human farming settlement that prospered and grew into the town that it is today. Some of their original buildings are still in use, such as the mayor’s house and temple. It would not be till the begin of the Divine Age till other races would begin to settle into Vanhalen. The first of the new wave of arrivals were the drow and dwarves, then almost a century later the second wave of eladrin and elves would join the settlement.

Today Vanhalen is a sleepy hamlet of farmers, the majority of the citizens of the town are neutral in the conflict between the Crimean nationalist and the Imperial forces. The Empire currently has a garrison stationed in the town, and is led by Captain Dale, a dwarf. Which is an oddity in itself, due to the garrison is almost completely comprised of eladrin and elves. Since the garrison’s arrival three stone walls have been built around the town to offer additional protection from the hostile natural forces of Crimea.


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