Lethargic Reunion

Odin’s eyelids struggle to stay close, his limbs refuse to respond as he yearns to stretch to relieve a dull ache filling his being. Odin looks around, confused that he is no longer in the manor. Then everything returns to him, “the professor! I got to tell th-”

He clamors to stand up and holds it for about a second, but as he takes his first step, and begins to wobble. Just as Odin begins to fall, two arms envelop him from behind.

A familiar voice resonates, “easy now, you don’t want to hurt yourself.”


As the individual lies Odin back down, “the one and only.”

Odin looks up at the young human, the moonlight shining through his metallic blue-grey hair and off his crimson and gold armor.

“Where are? How did? Ow… my head”  He winces and rubs the back of his head.

Inigo smiling, sits down next to Odin.

“I got transferred to down here several weeks ago, I saw you and the others in the streets, currently we are sitting, oh, some distance away from Fall’s Rest.”

“Why can’t I walk?”

“I think you were poisoned, do you remember anything?”

“I think so, I was in the parlor when I felt a pain in my neck and then everything began to blur, and I think two soldiers grabbed me. How long was I out?”

“Well, I don’t know exactly, I met the others around the eighth mark past midday, and I think we traveled for another two. You know, I had to leave two girls I fancied to save you and your friends.” Inigo smirks.

“Just because you put a wig on the training dum-”

“That was one time!” Inigo gives Odin a little push.

Odin smirks and pushes Inigo back, causing the older human to fall over.

“You little.” Inigo pins Odin by the wrist and sits on his chest. With a wolfish grin he says,”you’re going to get it now.”

“Inigo! No! Don’t!” Odin squirms attempting to break Inigo’s grip on him.

“Nope, I’m gonna.” Inigo slurps, then again and again. He lets a transparent slime drip from his lower lip and dangles it over Odin’s face inching ever closer.

Odin squeezes his eyes closed and turns his head to the side, trying to prevent the encroaching blob from touching his face.  His voice several pitches higher than normal.

“Inigo please.”

Inigo contends with himself for a minute, before letting the glob drop, it lands right by Odin’s nose. He then lets go of Odin’s wrist but remains sitting on him.

“Gods, I really missed you, you goof.”

Odin smiles, as he barely opens his eye, looking for the blob. Seeing it’s no longer dangling above him, he looks into Inigo’s grey eyes.

“Since when did you get all sentimental?”

“Me? Sentimental? Never. After you never came back, I had to take your shift.”

Odin grabs Inigo’s arm, “like you cared. You wanted to have a shift with Hera anyways.” He slings Inigo off of him and onto the ground next to him.

“She was never interested, she thought I was strange.”

“She is the strange one, all she ever talked about was how she stalked the captain. You never heard of it?”

“No, I guess I was too busy doing my job like you were sup-” Inigo lets out a long yawn, “like you were suppose too.”

“Hey now, I did my job. The entrance to the camp was always secure, it’s not like we ever had any visitors anyways. Say what time is it?”

Inigo shakes his head, “oh nevermind, uh… it should be close to four marks pass midnight,” he lets out another yawn.

“Gods, I must have slept for fourteen marks.”

There is no response from Inigo, Odin looks over at him, and see has dozed off. Odin shakes him, “hey, do you want my bedroll?”

“Wha- I wasn’t asleep,” Inigo says while rubbing his eyes.

Odin scoots off his bedroll, “uh-huh, do you want my bedroll? It’s already hard enough sleeping in this armor.”

“Yeah, that would be nice.” Inigo rolls over onto the bedroll, now lying on his stomach, and soon begins to snore.

Odin lies down next to Inigo and smiles, “I missed you too.”





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