A Hairy Situation

The cooing of the nocturnal animals and the icy breeze was enough to make the drowsy Odin fall asleep. He was already struggling to stay awake, another mark would pass before he would see Krem starting to exit his tent. Odin jumped up, katana in hand, “Goodnight Krem.”

“Yeah. Goodnight.” The elf sat down on the log and used a poker to stir the campfire.

Odin was quick to make his way to his and Inigo’s tent, and he was puzzled to see a quiet glow wafering from the tent.

“Inigo? You still up?” He says as sheaths his blade back into its scabbard, that is hanging on one of the poles.

Inigo not looking up from his book, “Hmm?”

“Don’t you have to take watch in a couple of hours?” He looks away from Inigo, as he tries struggles to undo the fasteners on his leather breastplate.

Inigo closes the book and looks over to Odin, who still is having trouble with his armor.

“Yeah, I do but I was getting the good part, the hero was about to fight the dragon. I should be fine, I slept a little in the wagon today.” He smiles as Odin is still struggling with the fastener. “Do you need me to help you?”

Odin’s brow furrows at the gall, “No I don’t need your help, I am a big eladrin. Besides, I think I just got it.”

Odin places the breastplate, matching pauldrons, and gloves onto the pole next to his sword and slips out of his tunic.

“See I was able to do it.” He says with a toothy grin and his fist on his hips.

Inigo looks Odin over and smiles. “Yep. Definitely a big boy now. Alright, let’s get some sleep.”

Inigo grabs the sunrod and with a gentle tap, extinguishes the light.

“Goodnight,” he says right before he lets out a big yawn.

Odin buries himself in his mound of blankets, “goodnight.”

Several minutes pass, when out of the blue Odin darts out of his bedding and lands on Inigo’s lap.

“I felt some against my foot!”

Disgruntled Inigo sits up, taps the sunrod, and gives Odin a sharp look.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know? But it was big and felt hairy! It tried to climb up my pant’s leg!” Odin lifts his leg up and checks to see if there is anything on his calf.

Inigo looks as well, “Well, I don’t see anything on your calf, so could you kindly make your way back to your bed.”

Odin, who is now as white as a sheet, looks at Inigo, “What if it is in my bed?!?”

“Seriously? You have fought a dozen men single-handedly, countless beast, and told the headmaster and the commander no, but you are afraid of a little bug.”

Odin nods, “They have never tried to attack me when I am asleep! And it’s hairy!”

Inigo gets out of bed and stands up.“Oh fine, the things I do for you. Can you get off of my legs?”

He grabs his walking stick and pokes around Odin’s bedding. Not seeing any movement he takes the blankets and one at a time shakes them in front of the young eladrin. Then he tosses them to Odin, who is now standing behind him.

Inigo picks up the last of the blankets, “see there is noth- By the gods! Tha… That is huge!”

Odin peers around him, “Wha… wha… what is it?”

Inigo turns back around to him, “It’s the invisible giant wolf spider!” He says barely being able to hold back his laugh.

“Inigo?” Odin says as beings to tremble and takes a step back.

“Come on, now. I’m just messing with you.” Inigo says with a smile.

Odin just points to Inigo’s pant leg, his arm shaking. Inigo is slow to look down, fearful of what he might see. Then he feels a small hairy leg touch the top of his foot.

“EEEKK!! By the gods! That is a huge spider. Odin do… do something!” Inigo is frantic as he tries to shake the beast off of his leg. The spider jumps off of his leg makes a mad dash for Odin.

“No! You fell beast you shall not take me!” Odin drops his blankets and jumps into Inigo’s arms and throws his arms around Inigo’s neck.

“Do something, Inigo! My stalwart defender!”

Now standing on his bedroll, Inigo looks at Odin, “What? I am not touching it!”

He looks back at Inigo, “what happened to you don’t fear anything?”

“I’m not, but that is not the point, have you seen how many legs it has there must be a thousand!”

“But your older and you said you would alw- look out its crawling on the bed!” Inigo tries to jump off the bed, but his tunic gets caught on the pole, and the whole tent collapses on the two.

Inigo looks around, “Is it dead? I think the pole landed on it.”

Odin looks over himself then looks up at Inigo, “I think so, there is no way…”

“What in the blazes are the two of you doing?”

Both of them turns around and finds a crossed arm Halros standing above them.

Inigo looks up, “There was a spider.”

Odin tries to avoid eye contact with Halros, “It was huge, there was easily twenty legs on it. It tried to kill- There it is!”

The spider crawls out of the tent’s fabric and tries to scurry to the forest. It meets its swift end with Halros’ boot.
“There it is dead, now fix your tent, and you need to go back to bed.” He says as he walks off grumbling something.

Inigo looks over at Odin, who is trying to get up, “You don’t think he is mad about the tent?”

“No, I think he is more upset that we couldn’t handle a spider.”

“You couldn’t handle a spider,” Inigo says with a smile.

Odin nudges him with his shoulder, “Whatever. You couldn’t kill it either.”

“Come on let’s get the tent built quick,” Inigo says as he nudges back.

Odin shivers, “Agreed, I’m freezing.”


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