Waxing Passion

There was no medic in the camp that was willing to tend to any fey soldiers, Libra and Andromeda have to tend to their friends themselves.

“We should probably take them back to their stateroom. In case Dallin decides he wants to come back.” Libra says as she picks up Scorpious. “Gods, he is heavy, he has definitely put on some weight since boot.”

“That’s a good thing, he’s finally lost that sickly look,” Andromeda gasp as she picks up Arceus, “at least they didn’t wear their armor.” She opens the door and is met with an icy kiss, “It’s sleeting!”

Just as they reached the outskirts of the camp, they find Scorpious’ and Arceus’ small dwelling, the torrential downpour leaves all four of them soaked to the bone.

“Good a fireplace, let’s get one started,” Andromeda is careful to lay Arceus down next to Scorpious in the parlor. “I’ll start a fire, can you find us some dry clothes, I don’t think they’ll mind.”

“Yeah, I’ll get them some too.” Libra hurries up the stairs and within a few minutes comes back down, with a small stack of clothing. “Neither of them had much to choose from.”

“Still anything is better than what they’re in now. Can you look for the spark rocks, I can’t find it.”

“Andromeda, they don’t have spark rocks, they are both magi.”

“Then can you ignite the fire?  As soon as I get back we are going to check them, I am going to go get some bandages and the like,” Andromeda hesitates, “and then we’ll get them out of their wet clothes.” Andromeda leaves, and by the time she has returned Libra has a roaring fire going.

“Good, you have the fire going. Have you checked on them?” Andromeda says as she sets several small boxes onto the table.

“Yes, I have. I didn’t see any blood, but neither of them has woken up.” Libra gives her a worried look, “which could very well be a bad thing.”

“First things first, let’s get them out of their wet clothes and look at their wounds.” Andromeda is followed by Libra into the parlor. They strip their friends out of their soaked uniforms, and get them by the fire.

It was the fresh sensation of cool water running down his brow that wakes Scorpious, though he did just lie there for some time. His sheer exhaustion wanted him to drift back to sleep, however, it was the eventual realization of the loss of his clothes that made him try to sit up, when he did pain only greeted him.

“Thank the gods, you’re up!” a familiar voice echoed, the room was still one large monotone blur.

“Andromeda? Is that you?” Scorpious says as he tries to find the direction of the voice.

“Easy love, yes it’s me. Careful. You have a couple of broken ribs, and we think your spine is cracked.”  Andromeda says as she comes and kneels beside him. “Do you remember anything?”

“Yeah, we were at dinner, then Dallin came over… Arceus! Where is he? Is he okay?” Scorpious panics and tries again to get up, but Andromeda puts a hand on his chest, insisting that he stays down.

“Yes, he is fine, he is right next to you. Libra was watching him, but she needed to get some sleep, so she is up in your bed.”  Andromeda gets up and goes to the cauldron over the fire and dips some of its contents and brings it over to Scorpious. “Can you lift your head, we need to get some food in you.”

“I’m not that hungry, we just ate dinner not too long ago.”

Andromeda gives him a concerned look, “Scorpious, you have been out for almost three days.”

“Three days! The commander is going to think I deserted.”

“Don’t worry a huge snowstorm has swept in from the mountains, operations have ceased until it passes.” She lifts the ladle to his mouth, “now you need to drink.” He nods and sips.

As she scoops up another ladleful, Scorpious looks at her, “how bad do I look?”

“Well… you don’t look awful you had a good-sized knot on your forehead, as well a multitude of burns and bruises,” she feeds him another ladleful, “several of your ribs are also broken and a cracked spine, they also cracked both bones in your forearm.”

She puts the ladle in the bowl. “We took care of the bruises and burns, but Libra didn’t want to try to mend the bones until she made sure you guys had enough energy to do so. Is that alright?”

“Yeah, that make sense. I wouldn’t want to take that chance either.” Scorpious says as he lies his head back down. “Could I beg you for some pants and maybe a tunic? I am starting to get a little cold.”

She hands him a pair of trousers, she looks the other way as he struggles not to move his back, as he pulls them up his legs.

“The tunic might need to wait, that a will be a lot of movement on your back, the crack is in the small of your back.” She says as she drapes an extra blanket over him.

Scorpious smiles, “oh whatever, you just want to see my abs.”

She nudges him on the shoulder and laughs, “trust me Scorpious, I have seen enough of you and Arceus to last me a good while.”

He lets out a small laugh.

“Though you do look good,” she smiles, “how many more of those potions do you like?”

“Three to four more until I have met the minimum Cassian set, although I probably need to consume a few more after that to be safe.”

Andromeda sits down beside him. “Are you sure you even want to take part of the Awakening? I heard it was dangerous.”

“If it gives me the edge I need for I can stop the fighting, I think it’s worth the risk.” He says as he pulls the blankets to mid-chest.

“You might die,” She leans over him and puts her hand on his, “Don’t you care? What if you do die? What about the others? What about me?”

“Not a day has gone by, that I haven’t thought about it. I tell myself, I have to get stronger and stronger for I can live and protect the ones I love,” He looks up into deep umber eyes, “so I can protect you.”

She leans in, and in a soft voice, “Truly?”

Scorpious can feel his heart beat in his chest, as beads of sweat form on his brow, as he tries his best to lift his head up. “Andromeda… I… I love you.”

Andromeda swoons in and her lips meet his, he closes his eyes, cups her jaw with his free hand, and she envelops him with hers. They are locked to the other for what seemed like a blissful eternity. A loud clapping interrupts them and Scorpious emits a small moan as Andromeda pulls away. She looks toward the direction of the sound.

“It’s about bloody time, you two.” Arceus says as he shakes his head and smiles, “don’t you know how long Libra and I had to wait to see one of you finally say something to the other.”

“Arceus! Really! Did you have to interrupt us!” Andromeda says, as her cheeks grow beat red, she then storms up out of the room and up the stairs.

“Hey Scorp,” Arceus says, as he turns over to Scorpious.

Still coming down from his high, “Yeah?”

“So, when is the wedding?”


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