Blind Dismay

Halros walks into the infirmary, irritation evident on his face as he looks around. “What do you mean Odin isn’t here? Don’t you have eyes on him because he causes this sort of issue?”

After talking further with the healers, the disgruntled parent begins to search camp for the eladrin. Halros walks and asks others if they have seen Odin, hoping for any sign of him. Halros begins to look around the perimeter of the camp when he fails to find Odin in the camp itself. He eventually spots Odin sitting with Inigo under a tree just outside of camp. What little irritation was left is exhausted due to the length of time between events and Halros calmly, slowly approaches the pair.

As Halros approaches he can see the young eladrin fast asleep on Inigo’s chest; an exasperated look forms on Inigo’s face as he sees Halros come into view.

   “Oh…. um, hey Halros…” Inigo says as he tries not to disturb his sleeping partner as he raises his free hand to rub the back of his silver-grey hair.

“I’m not mad,” Halros mumbles and sits near Inigo. “You really should let me know when you intend to take him out of the infirmary when he’s in there. I worry.” Halros looks at Odin resting and back to Inigo. “Do you understand I’m not angry?”

   “Well… um this wasn’t planned, I visited Odin last night and he was a little hysterical, hence I brought him out here to calm down. And to talk out of earshot.” Inigo says as he looks over at Odin, “it was far rougher than I thought for the two of them.”

Halros nods. “I understand. Thank you for taking care of him. You’re a fantastic friend to him. I don’t think I even know how hard it was for the two of them, being honest.” Sighing, Halros stretches a bit to get more comfortable where he is sitting.

   “You don’t need to thank me as big as a goof as Odin is he is my dearest friend.”  Inigo looks at Halros, “I had planned on taking him back to the infirmary, but he, well quite literally, fell asleep on me. Do you think you could take over, I really need to relieve myself… “ Inigo lets out a big yawn, “and get some sleep?”

   “Absolutely,” Halros nods. “Get some rest. Let Xenareous know you didn’t sleep well if he’s awake when you get back. If not, don’t worry about it too much.”

   “I will.” Inigo is slow to slip out of his coat, and lays it under Odin’s head as Inigo is careful to lay the sleeping eladrin onto the ground.

Not long after Inigo leaves, Halros hears a small moan come from the young swordsman as stretches out like a cat.

   “Nnggh… Inigo?” Odin feels around on the ground, “Inigo! Wher- Where are you?!”

   “Shh,” Halros quietly attempts to soothe Odin. “It’s okay. He went to bed after I found the both of you here.” Halros puts a gentle hand on Odin’s shoulder. “I’m right here, don’t worry. Are you feeling okay?”

   “No not really, I still feel kinda weak, the food they have been serving us has been making me sick.” Odin sits up and pulls one leg to his chest. “But better than when you found me. Have you visited Innder?”

   “I’m sorry, kiddo.” Halros sits closer to Odin. “Is this okay? No, I haven’t really visited Innder all that much. I’ve kept a bit of a distant eye on the both of you, I don’t really know what all you went through and don’t want to intrude. You both know I’m here if you want to talk about it, but I won’t push it.”

   “It was bad… worse than Principum… degrading in every manner.” Odin tugs on his right-hand wrap. “I tried my best to make sure Innder stayed safe.”

Halros wraps a quiet arm around Odin for a moment. “I appreciate that. I really do. And I’m sorry how bad it was. I don’t want things like that to happen to you.”

Odin sets his chin on his knees, “Father?”

Halros looks at Odin. “Yeah, kiddo?”

   “I… um… I can’t see.”

Halros goes quiet for a moment. “I didn’t know that. I’m sorry. I don’t think there’s anything I can do that the healers wouldn’t have done. We can make the best of it…”

   “I didn’t think. I don’t mean that you-” He sighs, “The damage was mostly healed by the time you rescued me.”

Halros gives Odin a silent hug from where he sits, unknowing what to say.

   “We were left alone for the first couple of days, then these vagabonds tried to overtake us.” Odin runs his hand over the smooth metallic plates in his hand wraps, “but when the guards broke up the fight, I got hit in the back of my head with a baton. I don’t remember much after that, when I woke up I couldn’t see.”

Halros takes a deep breath and quietly sighs. “I’m so sorry, Odin. So, so sorry. I don’t know what else to say, kiddo.” Halros gives Odin another quiet hug.

   “I am not going to lie, father, I did ponder flinging myself over the side of the prison yard,” Odin tears up, “I probably would have if Innder wasn’t there… I’m… I’m sorry.”

Halros wipes over Odin’s eyes and holds him quietly. “I understand, kiddo. You don’t have to apologize for that.” Halros closes his eyes for a moment. “It’s okay. You’re here and we’re going to work around this.”

Odin sniffles, “How?”

   “We’ll work something out. I don’t have the solution right now, and I’m going to find one. It’s going to take hard work regardless, are you willing to do that?” Halros looks around as if thinking.

   “I don’t know, I’ll just be in the way.”

Halros looks down. “I can’t convince you otherwise, only you can convince yourself of your capabilities. Would you be willing to stand back for now and work on this in the downtime? I’ll work with you, no problems.”

   “You want me to sit in our tent,” Odin turns to Halros, “while the rest of you risk your lives? I can’t do that, not after you doing what you did to us out of there.”

Halros sighs. “That’s not what I meant. Odin, if you want to work on this I’ll need your word you’re willing to put in the hard work to do so. And while we work on it, maybe stay near someone during battle, stay in the back lines during major encounters. I don’t want you to stay in a tent and worry and waste your life away – I know you can’t reasonably do that. I just need to know that you are willing to do what it takes to work around this issue.”

Odin wipes his nose, “I’m going to have to do something, I feel like I am all flab now.” He tries to stand up before wobbling and collapsing back down, “this is going to be harder than I thought…”

   “Yes, it’s going to be difficult.” Halros stands and helps Odin up, supporting the eladrin.    “And our first order of business is going to be making sure that you are rested and the healers think you fit to leave.”

Odin crosses his arms and smirks, “Fine. But if they keep me for longer than a week, I will try to escape again.”


Halros sighs, knowing there is no point in trying to change Odin’s mind. “Let’s get going. They’re going to start wondering if we’ve both perished.”

Co-Authored by Max Corbin, Party’s Ardent