Storms Gathering

Shadows coagulate in the sky, and claws at his cloak as Scorpious closes the door behind him. I cannot believe this has happened, he thinks to himself. Scorpious walks into his small parlor within the manor and collapses into a chair near the dimming fire. The ill reports and grave news coerce Scorpious to fall asleep within the chair’s arms.

“Ser? Scorpious, are you alright?”

Scorpious awakes to see Arceus standing in front of him, Scorpious moans and slumps up.

“Yes, I am fine, I assume I was far more exhausted than I expected.”

“Your butler just left, he fed Hyperion, and put him back to bed. “Arceus falls down on the couch across from Scorpious, leaving his shield and sword propped on the floor. “Your kid sure sleeps a lot, is that, normal?

“Father said, that Sep and I slept similar in duration,” Scorpious stands up, “Arceus, stay for dinner, Andromeda should be arriving soon.”

“No, I don’t want to intrude,” he looks up at Scorpious, “you haven’t seen your wife in almost a year.”

Scorpious looks at him and smiles, “My dear friend, since when do you intrude? Besides Andromeda would be happy to see you too.”

“I would, but I am behind in my paperwork and need to finish it up before I leave.”

“Do you think you are ready to be a father?” Scorpious says as he takes off his cape and begins to unlatch the straps on his cuirass.

“Yes and no, I am excited for her to finally get here, but I don’t know if I am ready for the responsibility,” Arceus says as he gets up and attaches his sword and shield to the back of his breastplate.

Arceus stops in the doorway, “speaking of fathers, Scorpious, I am sorry about Lucius, he was an extraordinary man.”

“Thank you, he was, wasn’t he.” He looks down at his feet, as Scorpious slips on his robe. “Goodbye, Arceus. Give your wife our best.”

Walking out the door and giving a short wave, “I will and I will see you in a couple of weeks, get out of the office while I am gone.” The door closes behind him.

The dying sun creeps into the kitchen, Scorpious is feverous in cutting vegetables and becomes unaware of the passage of time. Lost in thought, Scorpious is completely unaware of the figure standing in the doorway.

“Love?” The figure says as they leaning on the wall in the entryway of the kitchen.

Scorpious sees his wife perched in the doorway. Her autumn hair flowing down and behind her elongated ears, contrasting her fair skin that is encased in her crimson and gold battle regalia.

Scorpious looks into Andromeda’s burnt umber eyes and he is almost inaudible, “My beloved, can it be?”

Scorpious goes to her, envelops her within his arms, and gives her a quick kiss, before twirling several times and stopping with his back leaning on the doorway.

He croons his neck, “you are as beautiful as the the first day we met.”

“My love, it is so good to see you too,” she looks at him, and they both smile at the other.

Scorpious touches her forehead with his, “You should see Hyperion, he has grown so much.”

“I have no doubt, just like his father.” She says as she cups his jaw and smiles.

“I know you will want to get out of that armor and see our boy, I shall have dinner ready soon.”

“You are right I do, but I don’t want to be another moment away from you.” She says as looks into his evergreen eyes and steals another kiss. She is reluctant to leave his embrace.

Scorpious stands in the doorway and watches his wife ascend the stair and out of sight.

About half an hour later Andromeda descends the stairs and sees Scorpious has set the small table in corner of the kitchen. A wafer of freshly cooked bread causes her to spin around and she sees Scorpious trying to carry several bowls of vegetables in his arms and atop his head.

“Love, could I receive some assistance?” He says with a weak smile, almost dropping all the food onto the floor.

Andromeda covers her smile, with her hand and laughs, “Honey, you don’t need to try to do everything by yourself.” She says as she takes the plate of bread that is resting atop his head.

After sitting down, Andromeda offers prayer to Alkiane, Scorpious sits there in silence.

“Honey, you barely touched your food,” Andromeda says as she puts her dish in the sink.

“Hm? Oh, I am… I am not really that hungry, Love.” He looks at her and smiles, “I am just glad I get to spend time with you, if only it is for a short while.”