It’s Over Now

Scorpious thought he would be ready, but nothing he done would have prepared him for this. The war took everything from him, first his friends, then his family, and then his life. He had been careless to think that he could have could have fought the massive brute that was the Grand Moff. He was still too frail, his body still recovering from poison, and the spirits he communed with to cast his spells sapped what little was left of his strength.

He thought… he hoped, he would have enough energy to fight, but he was wrong. When Scorpious landed on the balcony, he peered into the large cramped room filled with documents, books, and maps lining the many tables within, interrupted every so often by a marble white pillar. Scattered throughout the room was several humans, cladded in the blood red armor, he once wore with pride. They looked at him as he entered the room, and without a word, the humans gathered their things save one, the Grand Moff. He did not break eye contact with Scorpious as the others quickly departed.  For a brief time, the two stood there not uttering a word nothing but a table separating them. Suddenly, the room was filled with crimson light as Scorpious slung blast after blast at the Grand Moff. As quickly as fires were started, they were quelled, devoured by whatever strange magic within the amulet that hung around the Grand Moff neck. Scorpious tried another unleash another volley, but he was too weak and the Grand Moff was too fast. He was barely able to jump out of the way as the greataxe, that once rested on his opponent’s back, came crashing down upon him. He sided stepped the Moff and slid over his back. Scorpious eye’s flashed white as he shot a bolt of energy searing flesh as the magic effortlessly flowed through the metallic shell enveloping the man.

Scorpious jumped back as the axe swung widely in front of him, barely inches from his chest. Enraged the Grand Moff rushed Scorpious and used the shaft of the axe to pin the eladrin to the wall. Scorpious’ chest tightened, as every breath that exited his lungs, he found it harder and harder to inhale. He struggled to save the precious space he had between him and the snarling human. Scorpious smirked as the greataxe began to glow red around his hands and slowly traveled up and down the shaft. He could begin to feel the intense heat burning on his chest before the Grand Moff howled in pain as he looked at his discolored hands.

The greataxe fell to the floor dropping Scorpious and left him gasping for air. He then blasted the Grand Moff with such force that human crashes through several tables before hitting the bookshelf on the opposite wall, causing its contents to fall on him. He grabs the greataxe behind him and walks over to the human. With each step, Scorpious took he could feel a little more blood slipping out of the long lash running along the outside of his right thigh, and along his left forearm, but he doesn’t care. He stood before the human and raised the greataxe above his head, he was just about to swing the blade down upon his prey, when with a snarl the Grand Moff kicked Scorpious, in the chest, causing him to fall and hit his head on the base of a pillar. For a moment, the world blurs, and suddenly he felt his throat to crush. The Grand Moff lifted the eladrin by the throat pinning him on a pillar several feet off the ground. All the air that remained in his lungs quickly fled as Scorpious was slammed into the stone behind him.

Each time that followed, he could hear his bones cracking from the impact and the world became ever more blurred. After being thrown into the marble several more times, Scorpious felt a fire ignite in his lower abdomen. Then it only became more excruciating as the Grand Moff ripped the spiraled dagger out of Scorpious’ side. He cried out in pain as he was dropped onto the floor cupping his wound, then the distorted world began to slowly fade from view.

Truth be told, he was weary, he did not want to wake up. The inside of his mouth tasted like iron, the blood-spattered books resting on their shelf, that remained were blurred. He struggled to stand up, but his armor was heavy and legs unresponsive. Scorpious propped himself on the pillar behind him. He could no longer hear the battle raging far below, in the lower chambers of the keep, men and elves valiantly fighting each other for lords and ladies who cared little for their well-being. He could no longer feel the warmth from the crimson liquid that flowed into his hand. Although Scorpious was no healer, the puddle of his blood that formed around him was far too large, for him to be walking out of the keep after this was over.

He did not know how much time had passed before the doors to the doors were kicked in and several individuals erupted into the room. They traded a few blows with the Grand Moff before they kicked him off the balcony and into the spires below. Scorpious only knew that it was over. Whoever kicked the Grand Moff off the ledge, came quickly to Scorpious. He knew they were speaking to him, however, he could not hear them. They frantically bandaged his wounds, but once they moved his hand, they realized the blood pooling on the floor was his, the soldiers became solemn and still. He smiled weakly if only to try to comfort them. He knew then, it would not be long. They held him until he passed.


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